Spotify Resumes Lyrics Feature along with its Japan Launch

Spotify Resumes Lyrics Feature along with its Japan Launch

It has been on the rumor watch for a while; Spotify getting launched in Japan, one of the world’s wealthiest markets for music. But now, rumors have been put to rest by Spotify as the company is on the headlines today for making its entry into the Japanese markets. But along with that, there is a reason for the users across the world to get delighted. And that’s for the comeback of the lyrics feature that was taken down by Spotify recently. However, there has been not much info revealed about how the lyrics feature works in the Japanese version of the app. The reason is that the app is currently available only in the form of invite-only method. But that doesn’t stop anyone from anticipating, and we can soon expect the lyric feature to re-appear globally for the Spotify users across the globe. As of now, the feature is available for mobile and desktop version in Japan. Spotify introduced the lyrics feature on the desktop version back during 2015. But it was later taken down after the company parted ways with Musixmatch, the lyrics partner for Spotify. We will have to wait to see with what Spotify has fixed this glitch this time around. Bringing back the service do makes sense, as support for lyrics has been well received in almost all of the music stream provi…

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