JESC 2016: Sofia Rol speaks to

JESC 2016: Sofia Rol speaks to

Who are you Sofia, and what’s your background? Despite the fact that I am quite young I already have considerable professional experience. I took part in various singing competitions and festivals. Have won medals. No no I am not showing off, just answering the question, I don’t remember myself not singing. I started when I was 4. As for my personal background. I was born and live in Kiev. I am a very beloved daughter and a happy person in general. From an artistic point of view, who are your models? Your influences? I have a lot of influences. I listen to very different music depending on my mood. Also – always looking for something new. I aim to know all musical novelties. However I am a big fan of Svyatoslav Vakarchuk and Jamala if we talk about Ukrainian music. As for foreign artists I love Whitney Houston. It’s the 2nd time you take part to the Ukrainian Junior national selection. What makes you so eager to fly the flag of Ukraine in Malta? I am a very ambitious person. It was my dream to participate in the high level contest like Junior Eurovision. I learned my lesson in 2014. I worked really hard and now I am there. It’s a big honour for me to represent Ukraine. Why an English title for your song? have a message to spread? Of course there is a message to spread. With my song I pray for peace in Ukraine and in the whole world. I hope that many people hearing my song will stop for a while and think what good things they have done and could do to make our planet better. Can we link the theme of your song with the recent turmoil in the eastern part of your country? I am not into politics. I am too small for this. At the same time my song is about something that worries me. Eurovision 2017 will take place in Kiev. Will you attend the event or get involved in it? Attend for sure. As for getting involved I would be delighted to do that. It’s the next big thing to talk about. Now I am fully concentrated on Junior Eurovision. What was your reaction when Jamala won? Have you ever met her? I was screaming and jumping of happiness when Jamal…

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