EBU updates press on recent visit to Kyiv

EBU updates press on recent visit to Kyiv

GENEVA – Through the official EBU website for the Eurovision Song Contest we got the latest update on EBU’s visit in Kyiv where the plans for hosting the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest were discussed. Jon Ola Sand explained that there is a big challenge for the broadcaster due to the limited time for hosting the event. He also said that EBU and NTU still discuss the proposed venues for Euroclub, Eurovillage and Opening Ceremony therefore there is still no confirmation of any kind. EBU delegation visited various locations, such as Sofiyska square, the place which was proposed for the Opening Ceremony red carpet event on May 7th. and Khreschatyk, the potential place where Eurovillage will be. The next Reference Group meeting will take place in November and it will be hosted in Kyiv to discuss the proposed locations and the involvement of the key personnel in it. EBU is optimistic that ticket sales will commence between the Christmas period and mid January. EBU’s Jon Ola Sand is confident that NTU will make a great Eurovision event as he has been many times in Kyiv and believes that everyone coming next May in the Ukrainian capital will have great time as the city has a lot to offer.
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