Man Has Scissors Removed From Abdomen

A man in Vietnam was baffled when he went for an ultrasound and discovered that he had scissors in his stomach from past 18 years.The surgical scissors were likely left inside the patient’s body in 1998, when he was operated on following a vehicle accident. A pair of surgical scissors have been removed after they were left in a man’s abdomen for 18 years. A second check in a hospital in his nearby home province of Bac Kan removed any doubt – there was a 15cm (6-inch) pair of surgical scissors nestling next to his colon, Tuoi Tre newspaper reports. Is the Han Solo Movie Getting Pushed Back to December 2018?
Civil War, Finding Dory , The Jungle Book , and Rogue One did as well for Disney in the United Kingdom as they did in the U.S. It earned $439,714,705 in 2016 alone, and following that is another Disney movie, Captain America: Civil War at $408,084,349. Recently he felt some pain in the belly area, trying to treat it with medicines in vain.Ma Van Nhat, 54, underwent surgery Saturday at a hospital in Thai Nguyen Province after specialists from Viet Duc Hospital in Hanoi were summoned to assist with the procedure.The 15 cm long instrument had broken apart and become lodged in Nhat’s stomach. Woman Tries Smuggling Man In Suitcase Into Spain
That incident happened on 30 December and again the man – believed to be from Gabon – required urgent medical attention. In May 2015 police found an eight-year-old boy hiding in the suitcase of a different Moroccan woman. In 1998, Nhat underwent surgery after being involved in a traffic accident.”This is a lesson to all doctors, especially to surgeons who are working with surgical equipment, this is a valuable experience.”Medical errors are not uncommon in Vietnam. Poison chemical gas kills 4 children in Texas home
When first responders arrived at around 5:00 a.m., they thought that they were dealing with a case of carbon monoxide poisoning. A poisonous gas that was accidentally unleashed in a Texas home killed four children and left six others hospitalized. N. had not felt anything odd over the years and never visited a doctor for any problem related to the pair of scissors inside his body until recently, a surgeon involved in the operation said.

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