Accidental Photobomber Hilariously Ruins Smokestack Demolition Video


A Pennsylvania photojournalist spent more than five hours setting up a shot of a smokestack demolition and waiting for the big moment. But when the historic Armorcast smokestacks in Birdsboro finally fell on Friday, here’s what Susan Angstadt of the Reading Eagle recorded: “I was dumbfounded to say the least!” Angstadt told PetaPixel about the accidental photobomb. “In the measly 7 seconds I had to shoot a video and take some stills I had no time to adjust for a man running diagonally down a hill in front of me shooting a running iPhone video. I was furious at first, but now when I watch the video I nearly shriek with laughter!” The Reading Eagle also has a history of the facility, which produced Sherman and Patton tanks during WWII and the Korean War.

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