Pokémon GO Banned In Iran Over “Security Concerns”


Iran’s High Council of Virtual Spaces issued the ban stating the game threatens national and individual security.Citing security concerns, Iran has banned Pokemon Go, becoming the first country to declare a blanket curb on the game that caught the world’s fancy last month. Iran believes it poses a “security concern”, but for the most part, Pokemon GO simply asks people to travel to public places and landmarks that they could visit with or without the game. Maryland Town Begins Cleanup After Deadly Weekend Flooding
In a popular video circulating Reddit and other sites, one woman was rescued by a group of individuals who formed a human chain . Residents and business people have been banned from returning downtown because of the danger, Gardner said. The news about Pokemon getting banned in Iran were reported today by BBC, but the Iranian Council for Pokemon has not provided very clear details about their abrupt decision. The ban is expected to hurt thousands of gamers who have taken to the game which has not been announced for Iran.This can also be seen as a step by Iran to prevent gathering of people at a point for long hours, considering the ill-consequences it might bring in. Foiled Coup Has Cost Turkey £76bn – Minister
He said Turkey had previously also handed Germany a list of over 4,000 wanted militants without having any response. On Tuesday, the Turkish Football federation said it had sacked 94 people, including a number of referees. “Among some millennial Iranians, Pokémon Go has become a universal sensation and turned into an obsession in Iran”, said a Tehran-based game developer and technology expert, Shahram Siahroudi. Banned, as in officially banned, i.e. you can get thrown off a building if caught playing Niantic’s latest release. Thousand of people were playing it as they managed to download it. A blanket ban on the game is the first for any country.According to reports available, Indonesia has banned police officers from playing the game while on duty. A prominent Islamic cleric from Saudi Arabia also declared his view that a 16-year-old fatwa on the card game version of Pokémon applies to the app. Hundreds join march on anniversary of police shooting
The officer said he shouted “armed police” before seeing Duggan hold an object in his right hand, which he believed to be a gun. And he suggested the Met’s new counter-terrorism units may target people in Tottenham when they are not fighting terrorism. Earlier this week, authorities in NY state said they would ban some 3,000 registered sex offenders from playing Pokemon Go while they are on parole.

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