Where will the Coca-Cola truck be visiting this year?

Where will the Coca-Cola truck be visiting this year?

The Coca-Cola truck adverts marks the start of Christmas for many as its famous, ‘holidays are coming’ theme tune blasts out of television sets across the country. The nationwide tour of its famous fizzy drinks company truck adds that little extra magic to the festive season but where will it be this year? Will it come close to Burton or South Derbyshire? The tour is likely to begin in late November to early December this year and the truck will visit various places across the country. In 2014, the truck made visits to 45 towns and cities across the UK – including a trip to Derby – but, last year, the closest were in Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire. So, will it be coming to the Derbyshire area again this year?
What do we know so far?Coca-Cola has set up a webpage where the dates and locations will be announced shortly. This is likely to be in the next couple of weeks, judging from previous years.Where will be on the list?Many people have now had their pictures taken with the truck We don’t know that yet, but Derby has appeared on the Coca-Cola truck tour list before but it has never come as far as Burton. In 2014, the truck came to Derby for the second year running, bringing the start of Christmas with it for some people.READ MORE: Coca-Cola lorry Christmas tour: where you can see the famous red truckHundreds gathered to have their photograph taken next to the truck and to be given a can of the famous fizzy drink. Despite the cold and windy conditions, people braved the…

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