Trump and Clinton set for final ugly debate

Trump and Clinton set for final ugly debate
1. Final presidential debate Well we know what the tone of today’s debate will be. U.G.L.Y. Donald Trump, facing more bad polls, is likely to go on the offensive in Las Vegas [Stephen Collinson/CNN] and continue his “whining” – as Obama put it – that the election is rigged.  Trump and Clinton will meet in Las Vegas for the final debate. “Their final strategy is to suppress Clinton’s turnout using scorched-earth tactics,” a Republican strategist tells Bloomberg. [Mark Niquette, John McCormick]Ahead of the final face-off, the right-wing online news website Breitbart has published an interview with a new Bill Clinton accuser. [Aaron Klein]The debate will be moderated for the first time by a Fox News anchor. [Five things to know about Wallace] And a lovely piece from Josephine Tovey on the rise-and-rise of FLOTUS, the untarnished star of the 2016 campaign. My must-read for today. [The Sydney Morning Herald]

President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle Obama at their final state dinner. Photo: AP 2. BHP sets gender target
BHP chief executive Andrew Mackenzie Photo: Carla Gottgens

Women currently make up 17 per cent of BHP’s staff. So it’s got a lot of work to do to reach its ambitious target to have women make up half its workforce by 2025. The policy will be announced at the company’s annual shareholder meeting in London on Thursday. [James Wilson/Financial Times] 3. China has Crowns’ details Chinese police have seized computers, laptops and mobile phones of Crown employees and almost certainly have the company’s detailed records on the gambling habits of the company’s big spenders. [Philip Wen/Fairfax]4. Abbott’s new ‘logic’

Former PM Tony Abbott appears on the ABC’s 7.30 program on Wednesday night. Photo: ABC

It’s a marvellous world inside Tony Abbott’s mind. His latest request for sane folk to suspend their belief in things like logic and facts and written statements is a marvel. Last night he appeared on 7.30 and attempted to deny he had struck his own deal to allow the Adler shotgun into the country after 12-month ban. [Watch] The email confirming the deal was sent by an advisor to Minister Michael Keenan. But Tony Abbott says even though it belonged to his government, because the correspondence was sent by a “staffer in a minister’s office,” he never personally struck any deal on guns. [Tom McIlroy/Fairfax]”Tricksy,” I think Gollum would say. When asked if he’d be interested in running for the leadership, he said: “I’m not expecting a vacancy anytime soon.””I think the last thing we need in this country is a revolving door prime ministership,” he added. And when pressed on the speculation he’d like the job back: “Well it’s not a question of what I might like, it’s a question for what the partyroom wants.” I think we can safely say once and for all, we all know what’s he’s up to! And who can blame him, watching Turnbull make a fist of it seemingly every other day. 

Malcolm Turnbull and Barnaby Joyce during Question Time. Photo: Alex Ellinghausen

The Daily Telegraph reports Deputy Prime Minister and federal Nationals leader Barnaby Joyce also supports allowing the Adler in. [Andrew Clennell] This is also referenced in an excellent analysis piece by Gratts. [Michelle Grattan/The Conversation]It’s a bizarre world indeed when Abbott is siding against the Nats, as Mark Kenny notes. [Fairfax]5. In other politics news: You can’t make this stuff up. DFAT flew 23 boffins to Paris for a talkfest on…how to save money! [Heath Aston/Fairfax]

John Fraser Treasury Secretary before a Senate Committee at Parliament House in Canberra. Photo: Andrew Meares

Australia’s triple-A rating could be downgraded as soon as the mid-year economic update is issued (due by the end of the year…

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