Trolls Review: Timberlake on song in DreamWorks’ best since Shrek

Trolls Review: Timberlake on song in DreamWorks' best since Shrek

HAIR-RAISING: Grumpy Branch and perky Poppy make a great double act EARLY Christmas shoppers beware – all letters to Santa will be torn to shreds once your kids have seen this riotous family comedy.DreamWorks have found a very underhand way to flog them those hairy collectable dolls – they’ve made them the stars of their most enjoyable film since Shrek.The brilliant idea behind this witty, cleverly cast and beautifully animated adventure is to take the fluffy cuteness of the retro toys and run with it.Here the Trolls are the happiest creatures in the universe. They love dancing, bursting into song and group hugs which, thanks to a flashing reminder strapped to their wrists, they perform every waking hour.They’re so cute, when they are scared they poo cupcakes. Another is so full of drippy positivity he is voiced by Russell Brand.As you can imagine, the Trolls can be a bit annoying. Thankfully, Troll Village has a resident Victor Meldrew, Branch is so tired of everyone’s relentless chirpiness he has holed himself up in a bunker.To the Trolls’ perky leader Princess Poppy , Branch is a stick-in-the-mud who is obsessed with the Trolls’ sworn enemies – the Bergens.An opening sequence has already filled us in on the Trolls’ horrible history with these murderous giants. Bergens are the most miserable creatures that have ever lived. They believe they can only taste happiness while scoffing a Troll.For years, the Trolls lived in a tree encased in a metal cage in Bergen Town. And every year, a batch was plucked from its branches and served to young giants as a rite of passage.But 20 years ago, on the day Bergen heir-to-the-throne Prince Gristle was to come of age, the Trolls burrowed their way to freedom.But one relentless Bergen never gave up. Chef lost her coveted spot in court on the day of the Trolls’ Great Escape. RAVE ON: The trolls are party animals “Trolls is witty, cleverly cast and beautifully animated” So when she hears disco music thudding in…

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