‘They make us look small': Newcastle Falcons meet the world’s strongest men

'They make us look small': Newcastle Falcons meet the world's strongest men

Newcastle Falcons players met their match when they came face-to-face with some of the world’s strongest men. The rugby stars were introduced to three celebrated champion strongmen, Eddie Hall, Zydrunas Savickas and Laurence Shahlaei at their Kingston Park home on Wednesday. Despite the physicality of their sport the Falcons men were taken aback by the weightlifters’ impressive stature. Falcons prop Sam Lockwood said: “I’m just a bit taken back by their size. Obviously we are big people but they make us look small, especially Eddie.” Jon Welsh added: “In rugby, especially in the forward pack, we all take pride in our strength. “We are meant to be sort of the big guys on the team and they make us look like midgets.” Eddie Hall, nicknamed The Beast, is the six-time winner of UK’s Strongest Man and holds the world record for a deadlift of 500kg and one of the largest competitors. Newcastle Falcons coach Micky Ward challenges strongman Laurence Shahlaei to an arm wrestle at Kingston Park He said: “I think they [the Falcons] are a bit mesmerised by our size.” The strongmen were in town to promote the UK’s first Ultimate Strongman World Championship coming to Newcastle in December which hopes to attract more fans to the sport. Falcons coach Micky Ward said: “Eddie Hall is 180kg and our biggest lad is about 125kg so the difference between the size is exceptional. “They are shocked at how big he is.” Laurence Shahlaei is the current champion of Europe’s Strongest Man and the visit with the players brought him back to his days as a…

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