‘The club was brave to appoint me’

'The club was brave to appoint me'

Arsène Wenger was in expansive mood with the media on Friday as he discussed his 20 years in charge of Arsenal. He arrived at the club as a relative unknown and started work on October 1, 1996. But what the reaction like to him? He reveals all below: on the club taking a gamble… It was a big gamble because I was one of the first foreign managers who came to England. I think before me you had Venglos, who had not worked out at Aston Villa. So there was a belief that a foreign manager could not work in England. So at that time I would never have imagined 20 years later I would still be here. on the reaction in England… There was a resistance,of course. There was a belief that a foreign manager could never win a championship in England. on whether there was any inside the club…

Wenger on his 20 years in charge

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Maybe from some players, but I can understand that. When I arrived here Arsenal was a very traditional club. When I first came here on January 1st, 1989, the women were still in different rooms to the men. The wives of the directors were in a separate room. That was really a traditional club. To be brave like they were to take a foreign manager who was unknown on top of that, was of course a massive gamble. It made it hard because the scepticism was higher. You had to convince people that you know what you talk about. And I still have to do the same today. on whether he has changed English football… I don’t know. I was happy to have an opportunity to show I could do well in England and after that you stick to your ideas and if it works or doesn’t work you accept that. I think it’s always good to have a mixture between local people and foreign people because it brings new ideas. on whether he wants to go out on a high……

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