Sova Harris: Tsacheva, Radev Run-Off To Be Expected

Sova Harris: Tsacheva, Radev Run-Off To Be Expected

A survey of Sova Harris agency has predicted a run-off between the candidate of GERB – Tsetska Tsacheva and BSP’s candidate – General Rumen Radev. In the first round of elections, Tsacheva will receive 34% of the votes and Radev – 28.6%. According to agency data, in the second round of elections, GERB’s candidate will get 38.7% of the votes, while the candidate nominated by an initiative committee and supported by BSP – Radev – will receive 37.8%. 12.5% of the surveyed people said they will vote for the nationalist candidate Krasimir Karakachanov. In the survey, 67% stated that they will vote in the referendum and 13.5% said they will not. Tsacheva has support only from GERB’s electorate. As a purely partisan candidate, she cannot enter a broader perimeter. Her last-minute nomination created a perception that GER…

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