Something far worse than parking wardens arrives in Geneva

Something far worse than parking wardens arrives in Geneva

Tribune de Genève. Yesterday, a specially equipped car started sweeping through Geneva’s boulevards photographing and recording car licence plates. The owners of those found to be parked without valid tickets will be sent a fine. The car, adorned with special camera equipment invented by the Dutch firm Arvoo, is faster and more systematic than its human equivalent. The Tweet below shows an Arvoo car in Rotterdam in the Netherlands. The ScanGenius is looking good in Rotterdam. — Arvoo ALPR 19 avril 2016 The “Scan Car” is far more effective than a warden. According to Tribune de Genève, while a human can check around 80 cars an hour, the “Scan Car” can photograph 1,000 in the same time. The car, which was loaned by the technology provider to test the system, is recognisable by its Dutch licence plates. It will roam white and blue zones in central Geneva until 25 November 2016. As licence place photographs are taken they enter a database where they are compared with data from high-tech parking meters and a list of cars with registered resident parking permits. If the meter is not sufficiently charged or the car does not have a parking permit, then it is flagged and a fine is sent to the owner. Even the plates of cars parked close together can be read. “A space of 30cm is enough” said one of the engineers of the system that employs 24 cameras. The results of the test will be used to determine if the technology is effective enough to be deployed more widely. According to Tribune de Genève, 60% of road users in Geneva don’t pay when they park. In addition, the city has looked at co…

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