Palermo, Sicily

Palermo, Sicily

Travel7th October 2016By:Rose ThomasWe were very sorry to say goodbye to Favignana, but jumped on the ferry back to Sicily nonetheless.Staying up on deck and taking in the last sea views we’d see for a while.White tee // Cream jumperOld beltWhite jeans // SandalsVintage Noe Bag SHOP ITEMSHOP ITEMSHOP ITEMLeaving at daybreak and a flight to London booked later that evening, we found ourselves footloose and fancy free for the day.Keen to see a little more of Sicily, we decided to spend the day in Palermo, its capital.A thriving metropolis, Palermo is big, dirty, noisy, smelly, busy, crazy and quite simply marvellous.Its sprawling food markets make up their own little worlds.Winding streets of tents and stalls, all flogging fresh produce and bites to eat.The air swims with the smell of hot pavement, fresh herbs, raw fish, cheese, sugar and things cooking on grills.Sellers bellow their wares to the heaving crowds squeezing their way through the maze, while some opt for a more gentle approach. It’s one of the few food markets you’ll still find that’s almost exclusively used by locals.Real Sicilians doing their supermarket sweep.Should you find yourself in town, check out Ballarò Street Market from 8 til 2 every day.Go hungry, try everything – including oysters shucked and drizzled in Sicilian lemon right before your eyes.The surrounding streets are a maze of crumbling dirty streets, covered in the most spectacular street art.You could spend days exploring and documenting all of the murals.Bars open onto the street, overflowing with happy punters who’ll try and drag you in if you show a moment’s hesitation!In the side streets you’ll find antiques, trinkets and more food stalls.Traffic grinds to a standstill every few minutes for another spectacular Sicilian wedding party. If it all seems a bit too much …

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