Orsi: ‘Buffon still 17′

Orsi: 'Buffon still 17'

Ex-Lazio goalkeeper Fernarndo Orsi says Gianluigi Buffon 'still looks like a 17-year-old guy'. Buffon was criticised after mistakes for Italy against Spain and last weekend when Juventus took on Udinese, but his goalkeeping counterpart stepped up to defend him. Never go against those who are above class, because you will always come off worse. There were errors, but I do not think that Buffon made them because he is old. Buffon still has an extraordinary lucidity. His errors are normal, and not through old age. Yesterday he looked like a 17-year-old guy. He’s not as fast with his judgments, but the same goes for Totti. Orsi went on to speak about the Bianconeri in his interview, commenting on their performance in their 1-0 Champions League victory over Lyon. How did Juventus do? With great difficulty and with a goalkeeping error they have managed to bring home three points that were unexpected and…

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