Obama tells Trump ‘stop whining’ and quit claiming the election is rigged

Obama tells Trump 'stop whining' and quit claiming the election is rigged
1. ‘Stop whining’Oh no you didn’t!Barack Obama has just baited Donald Trump in the best way possible, calling into question Trump’s “toughness” and effectively labelling him a sookie sore-loser whose “whining” about the election result by claiming it’s rigged.”I would invite Mr. Trump to stop whining and go try to make his case to get votes,” POTUS said. Snap! [Reuters] Once again it’s the Obamas slaying Trump where it hurts and not the Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton. Telling in itself.It comes as the latest modelling from the The New York Times shows Clinton’s chance of winning the November 8 election has never been higher, and is now at 91 per cent. [Josh Katz/NYT]2. Guns dominate Aus politicsOpposition Leader Bill Shorten pursued Mr Turnbull over the guns issue in Parliament on Tuesday. Photo: Alex EllinghausenIts been a long time since Australian politics was dominated by a heated discussion over gun control but on Tuesday this happened with salvos being fired from multiple direction.If you read the Hansard of what Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull had to say about whether or not an Adler firearm, capable of firing seven rounds, should be allowed into Australia or not, it reads sensibly and clearly.Photo: Alex EllinghausenThe trouble is no ordinary voter is reading Hansard and the political message “Malcolm Turnbull is not ruling out weakening Australia’s gun laws,” is a potent and devastating line.Suddenly, a story about how difficult to make access to a gun capable of firing seven rounds, up from five, has become a full-blown assault with Labor trying to claim Turnbull wants a gun-toting Australia.That Turnbull cannot manage his political messaging to better shut down Labor’s scare campaigns shows he has learnt nothing since his election-night whinge about “Mediscare”.And this is Turnbull’s problem from the outset. The multi-millionaire Member for Wentworth may be fine at many things in life but Tuesday showed once again, he just doesn’t have the political instincts an effective leader needs. Good analysis on this from Philip Coorey. [Financial Review]Nationals Senator Bridget McKenzie. Photo: Alex EllinghausenIf Labor has its way, the issue will dominate another day in parliament. The NSW Nationals Leader has come up with a way to have the import ban lifted and two Nationals MPs backed that proposal just hours after Turnbull declared the temporary ban “set in stone.” [My report/Fairfax]And now to Tony Abbott.Abbott has written an excoriating column ahead of his push this weekend to reform the NSW Liberal party division and allow MPs and Senators to be preselected by the membership rather than the party’s executive. The former PM hits out at the recent NSW Senate ticket, lamenting that a “factional timeserver” was nominated above a serving cabinet minister and “one of Australia’s most distinguished military commanders,” .Curiously, just one week after defending most of Donald Trump’s policies as “reasonable enough,” Abbott identifies the utter disillusionment with the political parties as fuelling the rise of a candidate in Trump who would “weaken alliances and start trade wars.” [The Australian]And a double blow for Treasurer Scott Morrison. His company tax cut is dead in the senate after Nick Xenophon ruled out support and former Liberal Treasurer Peter Costello mocked the proposal as pie-in-the-sky to a business crowd. [Philip Coorey/Financial Review]3. Crown staff could face 16 months jailCrown’s James Packer. Photo: APChinese authorities have likely gained access to Crown’s internal database containing details on the casino’s big-spending clients. [Financial Review]Chinese authorities warned James Packer’s Crown Resorts to stop its attempts to lure high-rollers to gamble overseas. [Philip Wen/Fairfax]The arrests over a series of lessons, “all of them incredibly glum” for Australians doing business in China, writes Greg Sheridan. [The Australian]Contrast this to an interesting story from Liz Burke about Sanitarium launching a massive expansion into China after successfully placing Weet-Bix in a popular Chinese soap. The product placement saw a run on local stores stocking the cereal and a huge spike in traffic online. [news.com.au]4. Europe should prepare for returning jihadistsKurdish security forces take up a position as they fight overlooking the Islamic State-controlled in villages surrounding Mosul. Photo: APKurdish security forces take up a position as they fight overlooking the IS-controlled in villages surrounding Mosul. Photo: APThe battle for Mosul is now underway. The battle could take up to two months, according to a Peshmerga military commander. [CNN]And Europe needs to brace for a fresh wave of returning jihadists if and when Islamic State is…

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