Michael Moore to release surprise film about Donald Trump and ‘craziest’ election ever

Michael Moore to release surprise film about Donald Trump and 'craziest' election ever

If there was one loud voice still missing from this wacky US election campaign, it’s finally arrived.Michael Moore, the Oscar-winning documentary filmmaker who famously grilled former US President George W. Bush’s war hungry administration in his 2004 film Fahrenheit 9/11, has revealed on Twitter that he’s been furiously working on a “surprise” film about Donald Trump.Michael Moore in his 2015 documentary Where To Invade Next. It will have its premiere at a public screening in New York this evening and Los Angeles over the weekend, before being made available on iTunes, reports Deadline.Titled Michael Moore In Trumpland, the film is based on a one-man show Moore performed in Ohio – “Trump country”, as he calls it – while on the election trail earlier this month.Donald Trump will get the Michael Moore treatment. Photo: AP”You are invited to see the film Ohio Republicans tried to shut down,” a press release for the film dramatically reads, referencing a back-and-forth tussle Moore recently had with the management board of a local Newark, Ohio theatre, who blocked his plans to shoot the film there, citing the filmmaker as “too controversial”.The performance was eventually rescheduled to a theatre in neighbouring Wilmington, Ohio, which agreed to host Moore over two nights on October 6 and 7 – presumably the shooting dates for the soon-to-be unveiled film.In a recent Facebook post, Moore addressed his reasons for making the film.”I think I know why a lot of people in Ohio and Michigan, some of them my neighbours, are voting for Donald Trump – good Midwestern people whose lives have been upended by ‘the system that’s been rigged against them’,” Moore wrote.”They used to be part of something that was called ‘the middle class’. Now they have a chance to hit back, to pick up a virtual baseball bat and smash that old system by voting for the outsider known as Trump.”I want to talk to these voters,” he added. “I want to see if I can meet them halfway. And I want to give an hour or so of some good laughs over the craziest election year we’ve ever seen.”While Moore’s previously proven a convincing thorn in the side to Republican politics, turning…

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