Martin Bain’s Sunderland mission: Rediscover the identity, build winning mentality and trade better

Martin Bain's Sunderland mission: Rediscover the identity, build winning mentality and trade better

Regaining the club’s North East identity, building a winning mentality and reconnecting with its fanbase are priorities for Sunderland chief executive Martin Bain, he has revealed. The Scot started his new job on July 1, and already the magnitude of the task in front of him is apparent. The Black Cats are bottom of the Premier League with two points from eight games but in David Moyes , Bain is confident they have a manager who can lead them to a brighter future. “David’s probably one of the top four most experienced managers in the Premier League in terms of the games he’s managed,” he said in an interview with the club’s official website. “He’s a builder, a guy who absolutely understands the need to win first and foremost but understands the job he’s come here to do and I’ve come here to do is build and rebuild. “We can’t change the past but we can change the future. “We want to get back to basics. The football club has to be synonymous with its North East identity. I think it’s probably lost its identity at times trying to be a club it’s not. Read More Martin Bain: Ellis Short's 'determination' made me want to join Sunderland – now we must use it “Passion is probably the biggest single word I can use. It’s an unbelievable fanbase. People like me can be patronising at times but I actually genuinely mean it. “With that warmth comes people looking at you with hope that you can make their Saturdays more enjoyable but I’m good with that. “If together we can show that this is a rebuilding plan and the fans stick with the club – which I’m sure they will – I genuinely believe there’s a real desire, and with that we can achieve great things together.” The changes Bain has planned are geared to improving the squad on the pitch. Bain says that will need better transfer dealings and improving the mindset of the players, as well as those off the field. “Fundamentally I have to do everything in my power to strengthen that squad,” he commented. “That’s my task every day with David. “I need to ensure our overall objective is to give him every possible opportunity to succeed. “I mean a winning mentality through the club because if we don’t start to believe we can win and achieve it diffuses to other aspects of the club. The whole club needs to start believe and you get a lift from a fanbase that wants to help you win and achieve. “I want to get out to the fanbase with David – let’s talk to them in a way they’ll relate to. “We’re not one of the super-clubs in the world, the most commercially prominent, so let’s not go down that route. Let’s get back to the basics and talk football.”
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