Live 2016 Telethon Special – Famicast x 8-4 Play

Live 2016 Telethon Special - Famicast x 8-4 Play

Did you miss the NWR Telethon this year? No problem! James and Danny are joined by 8-4 Play all-stars John Ricciardi and Justin “JJ” Epperson for this year’s podcast telethon segment for the kids. This version of the episode contains all of the same content from when it originally aired on October 15, however, we have went ahead and put in musical breaks and enhanced the podcast as well. Woo! As for what was actually on the Famicast segment, Danny recently got his hands on the retail version of Monster Hunter Stories and kicks off the show talking about it with everyone. He’s still pretty early in, but the gang bring up interesting questions revealing more about the game . After that, the crew delves into a feature discussion on the NX and what Japanese gamers need in terms of…

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