Kim Cattrall knows where Samantha Jones would grab Donald Trump

Kim Cattrall knows where Samantha Jones would grab Donald Trump
He says and does what he likes to women, but Kim Cattrall believes Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump would have met his match in Sex and the City’s Samantha Jones.”She would probably have him by the… I couldn’t say,” the English-Canadian actor trailed off with a laugh, showing she’s not too unlike the outspoken icon she played for six years on television and in two films.Video duration04:26Replay Video IconPlayer help iconVideo duration04:26Video duration01:24Video duration01:04Video duration00:46Video duration01:48Video duration00:56Video duration01:37More videosShe’s sure that her Sex in the City character Samantha would have no time at all for Donald Trump, says actor Kim Cattrall in an interview with Fairfax’s Amy Coffrey.”She would get his number right away,” Cattrall added to Fairfax Media, which this reporter confused for meaning the uninhibited public relations executive might hook up with him.”No, no, no,” she explained. “She would have his number – where he is coming from. I don’t think Samantha would put up with that for a second. He’d be out. Who does have any time for that? As for Samantha’s reaction to Trump’s “grab them by the pussy” comments, “she would be gobsmacked, like all of us are,” she added.Cattrall, 60, who is in Sydney as Specsavers’ ambassador for Spectacle Wearer of the Year 2016, recalled the presidential hopeful’s brief cameo in the season two episode The Man, the Myth, the Viagra: “He was pretty much just a New York personality. He was not taken seriously and that’s being kind.​ I live in New York City, Donald Trump is a fixture there, but he is certainly not a revered one.”Her straight-shooting aside, Cattrall’s Jones put sex in Sex and the City. Unlike Carrie Bradshaw, Charlotte York and Miranda Hobbes, who were looking for Mr Right  in New York City, Jones showed women that being single and having consensual, casual sex was satisfaction enough.Her sex scenes  go down in history. Kim Cattrall told Fairfax Media she knows where Samantha Jones would grab Donald Trump. Photo: HBOBut Cattrall, who describes herself as “much quieter” than Jones, put a prerequisite in her contract to make her feel more comfortable during those “intimate” scenes – she had to meet the men and get to k…

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