Kazakhstan responds to Eurovision 2017 rumours

Kazakhstan responds to Eurovision 2017 rumours

KAZAKHSTAN – Today.kz publishes today statement from Khabar Agency’s Sandugash Rakhimzhanova the Director General regarding the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest rumours about competing in Kyiv next May. Khabar is an associate membership in the EBU since January 1, 2016. During the three years we have been negotiating for membership and how to represent the country in the EBU. Associate membership is not equal because geographically we do not come under their rules, so we have no right to vote and we can not participate in Eurovision, because only full members can participate. But Eurovision Reference Group sometimes makes concessions, as in the case of Australia, for example. The only exception, as we have explained, was due to the fact that they have broadcast the contest for a long time. At this point we are not informed about the participation of Kazakhstan, there is no official confirmation. Besides the option of participating in the contest as an associate member upon Reference Group approval, Kazakhstan will apply again this December to become active member of the EBU, decision for which to be made on early December. With EBU stating already they are working on some rule changes and the upcoming General Assembly in December we wait for further developments. The issue then will be how the Eurofans will welcome a participation from a country that we never actually heard of in most of the western societies, a case totally different from Australia, the music style of which definitely matches the European taste .

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