Just resting my eyes… Google StreetView catches Russians ‘napping’

Just resting my eyes... Google StreetView catches Russians 'napping'

Ever been caught napping?Well, imagine if your little snooze was spotted by the all-seeing eye of Google StreetView and splashed over the internet. The original image on the right is now blurred on Google StreetView. Photo: Google A Russian family of three have gained instant notoriety after a picture of them collapsed around a heap of rubbish, furniture and bottles of booze was published in the Russian tabloid Life News.The family is from Novoaltaysk, a Siberian city more than 3,000km east of Moscow, and the image was taken back in 2013.But Life News found the image recently and tracked the family down, with the father saying the presence of bottles of alcohol was “by coincidence” and that he was not passed out. “This was a normal day of relaxation,” he said.

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