Info and gossip round up in the Eurovision world

Info and gossip round up in the Eurovision world

TURKEY – Well San Marino and Montenegro shut up after all those complaints and penalties for the Eurovision Song Contest and they are remaining in the event, preparing their participation for the 2017 edition. Unlike them, Turkey is not! Zurab Alasania from NTU, Ukraine, confirmed that Turkey is not coming back – despite the heroic efforts of the Crimean NGOs . NTU’s Alasania is only confirming the efforts to make Turkey broadcast the event . I am still thinking the smiley face of Erdogan on it! IRELAND – When you say Holograms, you automatically think Iveta from Armenia . Ireland’s 2011, 2012 participants, Edward released their new song and video. While busy been jury members in the Irish Junior Eurovision selection, let’s sing a long with them their brand new song: “Cos in my head you’re just a hologram. That no longer cares for love or affection. How could you be this cold and so transparent?. I need to love you now but you’re a hologram” EBU – While many websites speculate were China, USA, Kazakhstan, Canada could take part in the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest, I have never seen so many re-posts of the EBU announcement about VISA International becoming an official partner of the contest next May. Why exactly are you frantic with VISA? do you expect they give you money for Kyiv? FRANCE – Great success for Amir Haddad from France and his 2016 Eurovision entry “J’ai Cherché” which is now officially certified platinum in France achieving more than 20 million downloads. France was the top favourite to win the contest this year up to the last minute but they ended to the respectable 6th place, a great position for France especially after the bad results they achieved with Lisa Angell last year . In the meantime France will select internally its 2017 entry and singer out of submissions for which French broadcaster already made a call. SPAIN – Voces is also the new song by Ruth Lorenzo, the 2014 Spanish representative in the Eurovision Song Contest. Ruth has also become a widely recognized TV face after being part of the jury of Levántate TV program and won the fourth edition of Your face sounds . It is also highly tipped to have a direct involvement in the 2017 Spanish selection either as a performer either as a song writer. Rumours as usual! ARMENIA – Armenians are preparing for Malta’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest Back to Yerevan as the song for Malta will be revealed this week but we got to know the title. Tarber is the title of the Armenian entry which will be performed by Anahit and Mary on November 20th. The song is in Armenian language and penned by Nick Egibyan, while the lyrics are written by Avet Barseghyan. AUSTRALIA – It has been six years since her last Telethon but Jessica Mauboy promises to make her return extra special when she hits the stage tod…

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