Electrifying Elantra

Electrifying Elantra

While the crossover and sport utility vehicle market segments are white hot right now, the mid-sized sedan has taken a hit. There are fewer offerings. However, instead of being spoiled for choice, buying a small sedan is now a serious challenge as manufacturers have shoved everything they can into each of their products in order to separate themselves from the rapidly diminishing field of competition. Into the mid-sized sedan fray steps the 2017 Hyundai Elantra. From the get-go the Elantra charts a different path than its Asian counterparts, holding its European design language with pride. From the huge distinctive front grill to the coupe-like lines that define the rear half, the Elantra doesn’t look like something blatantly stamped out of a factory to be placed on a car lot. There are plenty of neat visual touches littered around the body that give that upscale feel. Inside things are a bit more subtle as raw design gives way to function. The interior is uncluttered as the Elantra’s key trick, its technology, sits just below the surface awaiting the driver’s command. Major functions such as dual climate control are in the expected areas. Sections for tactile feedback, such as the small sporty steering wheel, are done over in high quality materials, but the infotainment system and its mirror screen in the instrument binnacle are where the car comes to life. Flip through the menu and drivers are greeted by auto rain-sensing wipers, multiple lighting adjustments, auto headlights, and a multitude of other conveniences to make travelling easier. Twelve-volt charging, USB-charging, and Apple iPod integration all there with several such ports across the interior. The touchscreen infotainment system is the paragon of simplicity, easily pairing via Bluetooth whatever device passengers wish. Slot the car into reverse and it switches to a rear view camera offering a predictive parking template. Steering wheel mounted buttons allow further access to options on the fly without having to take one’s eyes off the road.
There is more than enough interior and trunk space for what is…

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