Don’t poke a Wookiee: WATCH Chewbacca rip someone’s arm OFF in Star Wars deleted scene

Don't poke a Wookiee: WATCH Chewbacca rip someone's arm OFF in Star Wars deleted scene

He may look like a giant cudly teddy bear, but don’t forget Chewie is a dangerous warrior.This new deleted scene from the upcoming The Force Awakens 3D Collector’s Edition home entertainment release, shows a terrifying side of the Wookiee.It’s set in Maz Kanata’s castle and shows Rey’s old adversary from Jakku, Unkar Plutt, track her down to punish her for stealing the Millenium Falcon.The arrogant alien junk yard boss quickly makes a huge mistake when he provokes her big hairy friend.DISNEY Unkar Plutt pokes ChewiePlutt confronts Rey and growls: “Hello Rey, I’m going to make you pay for what you’ve done. You have no idea the trouble you are in.”Daisy Ridley’s plucky heroine stands her ground but Plutt overpowers her and turns Rey’s blaster on her.It turns out to be a fatal mistake. Chewiee intervenes to help his friend and Plutt shows spectacular lack of judgement in underestimating the enormous creature when the foolhardy alien actually pokes the Wookiee in his bandaged arm.What happens next is horrifying, but deeply satisfying…DISNEY When Chewie gets angry, limbs go flyingEarlier today we finally learned the real reason why all Dark Side lightsabers are red, now we’re about to find out what happens when a Wookiee sees red.Plutt confronts Chewie and says: “Hey, I’m not afraid of you . Half a Wookiee isn’t much…”What follows is actually half a Plutt as the Wookiee rips his arm from its socket and hurls it across the room, where it lands on a gambling table and prompts a scolding from Warwick Davis’ cameoing alien.This scene features in full in the novelisation of the film, and fans have been waiting eagerly to see it on film.The brutal side of Wookiees was actually referred to in startlingly similar detail in an early scene from the very first Star Wars film.C-3PO is warned not to beat Chewie at a game of chess, in case he loses his temper.The droid says: “But sir, nobody ever worries about upsetting a droid.”Ha Solo replies: “That’s ‘cause droids don’t pull…

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