Documentary series remembers China’s great masters

Documentary series remembers China's great masters

Masters of the Century, a documentary series honoring China’s cultural figures of the 20th century is about to be showcased. Documentary Masters of the Century showcases the lives of 42 cultural masters in the 20th century. [Photo/CCTV] During a recent seminar discussing the documentary, Chinese writer Mo Yan, also the winner of Nobel Prize in Literature, says the masters featured are not just remembered as individual artists, but are also part of the nation’s cultural identity. Masters of the Century mainly follow the art careers of the country’s greatest artists of the 20th century. A joint production by China Central Television and Central Newsreel Studio, the series showcases the lives of 42 cultural masters in the 20th century, covering many artistic genres, including music, literature, drama and calligraphy. Peking opera master Mei Lanfang, Chinese painting master Qi…

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