Chef warns Lincoln restaurants will shut as more dine in Brayford

Chef warns Lincoln restaurants will shut as more dine in Brayford

A head chef at a Lincoln restaurant believes the sudden closure of an Italian eatery could be the first of many as more dine out on the Brayford.The restaurant and pizzeria Italian House on Silver Street has been closed by enforcement agents Penhal Excel Limited. A notice placed on the door for the tenant stated that their lease had been terminated and if they re-entered the site, legal action could be taken against them. READ MORE: Bailiffs close down ‘excellent’ Lincoln Italian restaurant
Charlie Baqing, head chef at The Taste Asian restaurant on the same street, fears more small businesses will close down as larger firms move into the area. He said: “It did come as a shock that they have closed down because they have been here for a long time. “I think this is going to happen to more and more small businesses in the city. “Lots of people go to the Brayford now because there are lots of big restaurants down there. It is easy because they are all bunched together. “Everywhere is closing down on Silver Street.”We are one of the only ones left – it is not good for local people.” The notice to the tenant stated that goods within the restaurant could be sold if arrangement to collect the items is not made within 14 days. The phone number associated with the enforcement notice is for the company’s commercial rent department, where debtors are asked to enter pay details to clear rent arrears. The Italian House was a popular spot in Lincoln and has a rating of four out five on TripAdvisor. Out of 225 customer reviews, 101 diners have rated the restaurant as excellent while 62 say it is good. The news has left customers saddened. Speaking on Facebook, Jemma Glover said: “A real shame about…

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