Being Bonang Matheba

Being Bonang Matheba

October 19 2016 at 01:09pm Cindy LGH of Glam Africa catches up with Bonang Matheba, our fabulous Queen B, who was the magazine’s latest cover star and our woman of the moment. She talks to Glam Africa about the role social media has played in her life, her upcoming book, personal life and future plans.This edition explores how social media has created a new mode of success and the celebrity world of today. Hoping this issue will positively impact and inspire readers, it also explores social media’s contribution to society’s perception of Africa as a whole. How the indigenous content on social media paints the continent in a positive light and the positive effects on the perception, relevance and even economic performance the continent will experience as social media matures. As well as in stores across Ghana, Nigeria, the UK and South Africa, Glam Africa is now available to the world via digital or print purchase/subscription at questionsOne fact most fans don’t know about you?I’m asthmatic. I don’t know how many people know about that. I was diagnosed when I was 5 years old and have been living with asthma all my life.Favourite African city?Cape Town, because it is beautiful, the culture there is incredible. It’s one of my favourite holiday destinations, because it’s very global, very European, but it’s quintessential South Africa – the markets there and so many things come together beautifully; our fashion, our music, our people. Cape Town really personifies how beautiful South Africa is and what a great nation I think we are.Favourite far-flung holiday destinations?I love Paris, I love London and I love Los Angeles. And I love Mauritius.Five things always in your handbag?My cellphone, my power bank to charge my cellphone, a pa…

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