Assassin’s Creed new trailer with Michael Fassbender: ‘The party’s just getting started’

Assassin's Creed new trailer with Michael Fassbender: 'The party's just getting started'

SGMichael Fassbender in Assassin’s CreedNobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.Well, unless you have been sent 500 years back in time into the body of your ancestor, who just happens to be a deadly killing machine.Get ready for the madness and meyhem of the big screen adaptation of one of the biggest computer game franchises of all time.The film opens in the UK at Christmas and the brand new trailer has got our pulese racing. “You were executed and pronounced dead. You no longer exist.”Not the best way to start your day, perhaps, but it’s a hell of a set up for a film.In the upcoming film, Fassbender plays Callum Lynch a modern day convict who discovers that his ancestor, Aguilar, was an Assassin in 15th century Spain. As you do.It all gets very complicated and action-packed from there… Cotillard plays Sophia Rikkin, daughter of Alan Rikkin and a member of the Animus project which seeks to defeat the Templars.Her job is to send Lynch into his ancestor’s memories and body to retrieve essential information for the ongoing battle between the two organisations.The French actress should be used to all the intrigue, lies and machinations after she was forced to publically deny that she was involved in an affair with Brad Pitt, following the collapse of his marriage to Angelina Jolie.SG Michael Fassbender in Assassin’s CreedSG Things are also pretty complicated for our convict-turned-mystical-warrior in Assassin’s Creed but Fassbender’s adaptable chap is soon relishing the…

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