4 Unexpected Funeral Expenses You Should Know About

4 Unexpected Funeral Expenses You Should Know About

Death isn’t a fun topic to talk about, but it’s an inevitable part of life that all of us must deal with. In North America, the average funeral costs upwards of $10,000. Without financial preparations in place, an already difficult time is compounded by monetary struggle.Whether you’re planning your own funeral to ensure your family is left in good hands after your passing, or you’re preparing burial services for a loved one who has passed on, these unexpected funeral expenses can make traditional services much costlier than you might expect. Using Your Grave Plot Many incorrectly assume that purchasing a grave plot covers the whole of expenses involved with actual burial, but that isn’t the case. Family members will also be charged for opening the plot, actual burial, and covering of the casket. That means you essentially pay for the plot, and then pay to use it”just the use of a burial plot can cost a thousand dollars. Depending on the cemetery, you may also be charged for a vault. A vault prevents the grave from sinking in case of future deterioration, and can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to $5,000. While not required by law, a cemetery may insist on their own rules, and during a time of grief, it may be difficult to argue with this extra expense.

Flowers are a traditional part of burial, and fresh-cut flowers from a florist can cost hundreds to thousands of dollars. While family members and friends will likely send flowers as sympathy gifts, many families hope to place flower arrangements at the burial site, and use them as memorial decorations during the actual services.
The Casket

If you plan on a traditional burial complete with casket, prepare to pay. While you can find simplistic pine boxes for less than $1,000, many of the finer options that loved ones tend to prefer can cost a few thousands of dollars, all the way up to $10,000”for the casket alone. Some funeral homes will charge more for gasketed versions, which are caskets designed to defend against the elements and remain sealed. This feature is unnecessary and can tack on hundreds to thousands of dollars. Don’t be fooled into thinking you can only buy a casket from a funeral home. Check online; e-commerce sites like www.skycaskets.com can save you hundreds of dollars.
Travel Expenses
Travel expenses aren’t always considered when it comes to funeral planning. If your family is spread out across the country”or even the world”consider the costs associated with getting everyone to the services, or bringing a loved one to a preselected burial plot that may be outside of where they currently reside. If you must ship a body from one state to another, prepare to pay thousands upon thousands of dollars. If you have family traveling to attend, consider the costs of hotel stays and airfare.
Family members must also pay for transportation of any belongings left in an inheritance, and will be charged with the moving costs associated for clearing a house of a passed loved one’s things. How to Handle These Costs As you can see, the costs can add up quickly. It’s important to come up with payment strategies as soon as possible. If you’re planning your own funeral, prepaying for the funeral…

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