Even the winners dont know if the best team won: Ill Have Another, Ep. 26


After sitting in a cold press box Saturday night watching Toronto FC lose to Seattle Sounders on penalties, Doug Smith and Laura Armstrong have much to dissect on this week’s I’ll Have Another. Some stalwart opinions prevail as the co-hosts look back on the Reds coming just short of the championship: the grassroots movement that is is some of the best in the city and no; a game of that magnitude should not be decided on penalties. Smith even has some suggestion for how to change it. Also on tap: MacKinnon Brothers’ Crosscut Canadian Ale, jumping in on the debate about which of Canada’s athletes should win the Lou Marsh award with an out-of-the-box suggestion and — no surprise here — slagging the upcoming World Juniors. The podcast is produced ― and bartended ― by Paul Watson. You can catch episodes of I’ll Have Another at the beginning of each week.Article Continued BelowHave a question you want to ask the podcast team in an upcoming episode? Email lauraarmstrong@thestar.ca . You can also reach the team on Twitter at @SmithRaps, @lauraarmy and @pwats or through the hashtag #IHAPodcast.Listen on iTunesListen on Google PlayListen on Stitcher

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