Nevada Leaks Personal Info of Medical Marijuana Sellers


Personal data from thousands of people vying to work in Nevada’s medical marijuana industry were leaked due to a glitch in the state’s website, which has now been taken offline until security can be restored. Vulnerability in their application portal on a government website resulted in 11,700 eight-page applications being available to anyone on the internet.”To prevent further breaches, the Division’s IT staff are working with state IT staff, investigating the breach”. He added that further information will be shared when known. The state said no private medical marijuana patient information was disclosed. Dow On Track To Make A Fresh Attempt To Hurdle Over 20000
Nvidia fell 6.9%, paring the semiconductor company’s 2016 gain to 231% while leaving it the S&P’s best performing share in 2016. USA crude oil added 0.3% to $US54.06 a barrel after settling at its highest price since July 2015 in the previous session. The applicants provided the state with their social security number, full name, home address, weight, height, race, citizenship, and eye and hair color, according to ZDNet.The flaw in the state’s website portal, which made the data accessible on the site, was detected by a security researcher. The DPBH said only that it had shut down the portal on December 8 after finding “some vulnerabilities” in the system, and brought it back online one week later. Philippines’ Duterte admits throwing ‘kidnapper’ out of helicopter, warns corrupt officials
Robredo, who resigned from the Cabinet early this month after being ordered to stop attending the high-level meetings. The president has made a similar claims in the past – and has a history of contradicting himself. “Not for anything. After becoming aware of the breach, the state closed the medical marijuana establishment portal for the second time this month.DPBH has begun notifying those affected and advising they contact the three credit reporting agencies. Tesla Autopilot predicts the crash a second before it actually happens
In the clip, uploaded to Twitter by Hans Noordsij , a group of cars can be seen traveling down the A2 highway in the Netherlands. In May 2016, a Tesla driver lost his life in a fatal crash inside his vehicle while having the autopilot engaged. The DPHB was “given the go ahead” to bring the Medical Marijuana Program portal back online on December 15, Joe Pollock, deputy administrator of the DPHB, told the Las Vegas Review-Journal on December 21. When the law takes effect January 1, 2017, adults 21 and older will legally be able to to possess up to 1 ounce of cannabis or one-eighth ounce of cannabis concentrate for non-medical reasons.

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