Donald Trump Picks Another Goldman Sachs Exec To Join His Administration

To understand President-elect Donald Trump’s promise to clean up Washington D.C., go the basement garage of Trump Tower. There’s a partially covered black Lincoln limousine parked there with a sign on the windshield that says “Drain the Swamp.” That’s pretty much how Trump’s Cabinet is shaping up: a bit of populist rhetoric that fails to conceal a large concentration of the wealthy, well-connected people Trump claimed he was running against. Trump’s latest pick continues that trend, with the president-elect choosing Gary Cohn, the president and chief operating officer of Goldman Sachs, to head the National Economic Council, NBC News reports. The NEC advises the president on economic policy, and its director works in the White House. Trump has already nominated Steven Mnuchin ― a second-generation Goldman Sachs partner, former George Soros employee and co-investor, “foreclosure machine” and hedge fund manager ― to be treasury secretary. He also named billionaire private equity investor Wilbur Ross as his choice for secretary of commerce. Ross owned a coal mine that was cited for more than two hundred safety violations before an accident killed a dozen workers, and is a member of a secret Wall Street fraternity, where, clad in velvet slippers, he sang show tunes mocking poor people. Then Trump picked a wealthy donor to run the Department of Education and a billionaire with almost no qualifications beyond being a billionaire as deputy secretary of commerce. And then there’s Steve Bannon, whom Trump named his senior White House counselor. Bannon began his investment banking career at Goldman Sachs and left the firm in 1990, eventually going on to run Breitbart News, a platform for white nationalist views. Trump surrogate Anthony Scaramucci, an omnipresent financial industry booster and hedge fund salesman, gamely tried to spin the latest appointment as unifying. “The cabal against the bankers is over,” he said. Stocking the Cabinet with Goldman Sachs bankers would help “bring country together,” he said. A Goldman Sachs spokesman had no comment. This is a developing story and will be updated.

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