The problem with Wonder Woman as a UN role model


She’s a kick-ass heroine, the only famous female superhero in a pantheon of dudes, and her creators were inspired by birth control pioneer Margaret Sanger. Despite that level of awesomeness, I’m with the almost 45,000 petitioners who thought Wonder Woman’s moonlighting as honorary UN ambassador wasn’t the best use of her talents.Appointed two months ago as part of the UN’s desire to focus on the need for global gender equality, the DC comics character was supposed to help challenge female stereotypes and fight discrimination and violence against women and girls.Finally on the verge of her own dedicated blockbuster movie, it wasn’t her fault that her recruitment coincided with saturation news coverage of a certain presidential candidate who managed to make the sexual objectification of women central to his campaign.Unfortunately, in that context, Wonder Woman’s thigh- and cleavage-revealing wardrobe made it especially difficult for many American women to see her as an effective counter to the stereotypes she was hired to fight.To be fair, it must be admitted that her flashy apparel was also likely to distract from her campaign for justice in countries where modest dress is especially valued. Politicians of all persuasions who seek to curry favour with observant Catholics, Jews and Muslims regularly don long sleeves, kippas and head scarves. But such gestures of respect would be tricky for an icon represented in two dimensions and only one outfit.Article Continued BelowA headline this week alluded to the political nature of Wonder Woman’s task. In response to the UN’s decision to relieve her of her duties after they’d barely begun, The Guardian declared, “One less woman in politics.”Well, um, no.Wonder Woman — and this seems to be something the UN also missed in deputizing her in the first place — is not actually a woman. Like Anne of Green Gables, Scarlett O’Hara and Hermione Granger, our voluptuous fighter is a fictional character. As such, her heroic exploits have enormous capacity to engage, entertain and inspire.

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