Growing evidence shows men choosing single fatherhood via surrogacy


Take a wander through the message boards of the various online surrogacy support groups and it becomes clear there is mounting interest from a new — and countercultural — group of intended parents: single men.For the past few years, surrogates, agency owners and fertility lawyers have noticed the changing demographics of their clientele.“I work with a number of single intended fathers each year. There is an increase in single dads in my practice,” says Toronto fertility lawyer Sara Cohen. “I think it is men who want to be dads who just haven’t found their life partner and aren’t willing to wait any longer to be a parent.”There’s growing evidence that men across Canada — and around the world — are choosing single fatherhood via surrogacy.“I have many single men contact me about surrogacy,” says Sally Rhoads-Heinrich, owner of Surrogacy in Canada Online. “The majority is gay and, of the heterosexual ones, their reasons for pursuing surrogacy are usually because they couldn’t find the right partner.”Article Continued BelowThe Star spoke with several single men seeking Canadian surrogates. All cited a primal desire to be a father, with reasons for needing a Canadian surrogate ranging from homophobia in their own country and infertility issues to not wanting to wait to be a parent until they found the right person.Their determination has seen them through such disappointments as multiple failed embryo transfers, egg donors who have backed out, and the struggle to make their story heard in the competition that engulfs available Canadian surrogates.Culturally, marriage and parenting are being regarded increasingly as two singular endeavours that don’t always dovetail. The departure from the traditional nuclear family has created an opening for single men to consider solo fatherhood. It’s a growing demographic. Statistics Canada data from 2011 shows single fathers growing at a rate 2.5 times the rate of single mothers.

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