Taiwan president plans United States stops in move sure to irk China


She said such moves are hurtful to Taiwan’s people, and called on Beijing to resume an official cross-strait dialogue.”There is no change to the U.S”. Taipei deployed fighter jets to monitor the fleet. Asked by journalists about whether there was any chance that Tsai will meet up with Trump’s transition team when she is passing through the U.S. next month on her way to Latin America, Tsai refused to give an answer. Witness Sydney bring in New Year celebrations live
I just tried it – I posted “Happy New Year” and then quickly deleted it because it’s not quite time yet – and I saw the fireworks. More than 1 million people will witness the New Year 2017 fireworks and celebrations over Sydney Harbor. Changes in US policy under the incoming administration of Donald Trump are likely to change the worldwide situation and Taiwan will need to face the uncertainty that follows, Tsai said at a press conference held on New Year’s Eve. China’s military has become alarmed by what it sees as Trump’s support of Taiwan and is considering strong measures to prevent the island from moving toward independence, sources with ties to senior military officers said. “Some things have happened between (Taiwan and China) or this region”.Tsai’s comments, at a year-end news conference, came after China sent its first aircraft carrier and five other warships through waters near Taiwan this week.She further called on China to engage in “calm and rational” talks in a bid to find a “reasonable” solution to the dispute. Eagle Watch: Baby bald eagle born on New Year’s Eve
The eggs had incubated long enough that it would be time for the eaglet chick to begin pecking his or her way out of the shell. At one point the mama bird left her nest, allowing viewers to get a good look at the newest addition to the bald eagle family. China also scored a diplomatic victory when tiny Sao Tome and Principe switched recognition to Beijing from Taiwan.Tsai said Saturday that Taiwan would not meet Beijing with “resistance” but rather “maintain our status of peace and stability”. “Even though we have felt it, we will calmly face them”, Tsai said.Tsai added that while her government will continue to adopt a friendly manner toward Beijing, “We will not cave under pressure, and we will not revert to a confrontational approach”. China has claimed sovereignty over Taiwan since 1949, when Mao Zedong’s Communist forces won the Chinese civil war and Chiang Kai-shek’s Nationalists fled to the island. Legalization of recreational marijuana changes teens’ use and perceptions of marijuana
Among adolescents, the perceived harmfulness of marijuana has been declining for decades among all age groups. Analysis specific to the states of Washington and Colorado may not be generalisable to the rest of the US. Tsai is scheduled to depart Taiwan on January 7 for Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador, four of Taiwan’s diplomatic allies in Central America.

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