Rio Olympics opening ceremony highlights Brazil, environment


There will be two cauldrons in Rio, one at the Maracana soccer stadium that is hosting the opening ceremony and another open to the public in downtown Rio.The story of Brazil was then retold in a stunning showcase, beginning with the birth of life itself, depicted on a huge screen on the stadium floor, and continuing with a representation of the country’s rainforest and the forming of three huge “ocas” or huts to symbolise the indigenous people who call that unbelievable and precious habitat their home. The opening ceremony – which ran for more than three hours – included music, dance and fireworks, with guest appearances from several high profile Brazillians, including Gisele Bündchen.”May this be the moment for us to overcome hard times and to work as a team, to make our country and our world fairer and safer”, said Archbishop Orani Joao Tempesta, flanked by Rio Mayor Eduardo Paes. The team will feature 10 members – five hailing from South Sudan, two each from Syria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo and one from Ethiopia.The opening ceremony traced Brazil’s history, from its earliest people, to the coming of the Europeans along with Rio’s development into a pulsating metropolis.Athletes from seven New Zealand teams taste action for the first time overnight tonight New Zealand time with the rowing, road cycling, equestrian, rugby sevens, swimming, hockey and men’s artistic gymnastics joining the Ferns who kicked off their competition on Wednesday. Louisiana Tech QB Higgins arrested on DUI charge
There is some bad news for what was expected to be a very major player for the Louisiana Tech football program this season. Last season in limited action, Higgins threw for 138 yards, one touchdown and three interceptions. Each athlete will be asked to plant seeds that will eventually grow into trees and be planted in Rio in a few years.She instead used the Maracana turf as her own private cat walk in a display that was met with a loud cheer from the crowd.The athletes will compete for the Refugee Olympic Team (ROT) – the first of its kind. Canada’s team, one of the biggest at the Games with 314 athletes, received warm cheers marching behind trampolinist Rosie MacLennan, the country’s only gold medalist four years ago in London.He said he hoped that the ceremony would still be “a drug for depression in Brazil”.Channel 7’s Bruce McAvaney and Aussie basketball legend Andrew Gaze have been criticised by fans for launching into a freaky Beach Boys tangent in a light-hearted disregard of minnow nation Aruba. Then I was just trying to take it all in.The ceremony’s creative director, Fernando Meirelles, had less money to spend than his predecessors – including the mastermind of London 2012’s memorable show Danny Boyle – but he promised “the coolest party” and he has certainly given it a go. Three killed in building crash in Maharashtra
According to locals, the building was declared risky by municipal authorities three years ago. Building collapse in Bhiwandi claims 2 lives, injures two severely. Brazilian Interim President Michel Temer declared the 31st Olympiad open, becoming the first acting leader to preside over proceedings and prompting boos from the crowd in a country still deeply divided by impeachment proceedings taking place against suspended President Dilma Rousseff.Inside the stadium, 55,000 exponentially more relaxed and happy Brazilians gathered to celebrate what others have denounced and denigrated.The low-tech show started with the beginning of life itself in Brazil, and the population that formed in the vast forests and built their communal huts, the ocas. NBC invests heavily in the Olympics-like, billions-of dollars-heavily-so I suppose we can’t blame them for trying to wring as much ad time as possible out of each night’s broadcast.There followed the first ever awarding of an “Olympic laurel” to Kenyan running great Kip Keino, before the traditional unfurling of the Olympic Flag, rendition of the Olympic Anthem and recitation of Olympic oaths leaving the traditional cauldron lighting to conclude the dramatic event.The 75-year-old has reportedly pulled out at the last minute because of ongoing muscle pains relating to a hip operation he underwent earlier this year.He released a statement to inform his fans why he would not take centre stage at the opening ceremony. Liverpool thrashes Barcelona 4-0, Mane gets his 1st goal
It’ll be interesting to see how those last two, ex-Liverpool stalwarts, get on against their former teammates. If we’d have lost, life would have gone on. “Dear friends, only God is more important than my health”, Pele said.

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