Home Office Admits it Can’t Verify the Ages of Calais Migrant ‘Children’


“(The) French government has now chose to dismantle the Calais camp for good”, Cazeneuve said in an opinion piece for British newspaper The Guardian, adding that neither London nor Paris wants “to leave people with the right to refugee status in the cold and the mud -? women and children least of all”.The Home Office has now defended its age assessment process, stating: “We work closely with the French Authorities to ensure that the cases applying to come to the United Kingdom qualify under Dublin”. “So this is a really good day to celebrate as some of those children begin to make their journeys to be reunited with their families”, he told reporters outside a Croydon church.”We won’t let our town become another Calais“, said a 45-year-old father of three present at the march.”These young men don’t look like minors to me”.As questions begin to circulate about the exact ages of those refugees arriving in the United Kingdom with one MP describing the all-male group as “hulking”, babies too young to walk and pre-school children remain in the camp surviving on meals handed out by charities. Iran sentences Iranian-American, his father each to 10 years
Iran released a new video Monday taunting the US after the nuclear deal and featuring detained USA citizen Siamak Namazi. The Tuesday report also says Nizar Zakka, a US permanent resident from Lebanon, also received a 10-year prison sentence. LONDON-Fourteen children left a border refugee camp in northern France on Monday to be settled with relatives in Britain – the first of dozens of children from the Calais encampment expected to come to the country this week. I hope British hospitality is not being abused.This week, more than 100 refugee children will move to the United Kingdom to be reunited with their families.It’s extremely unlikely, yet the Mail, Express and even the Telegraph have all reported concerns that the first 14 “children” relocated from Calais to Britain – aged between 14 and 17, with a legal right to be here – are actually adult men.”They are hulking teenagers who look older than 18″.A spokesman for the Home Office said: “This is the start of the process to transfer as many eligible children as possible before the start of the clearance, as the Home Secretary set out in Parliament”.However, the guidelines also say that “all other applicants should be afforded the benefit of the doubt and treated as children”. Westwood taking British Masters to Newcastle in 2017
Poulter hosted the event at Woburn Golf Club in 2015, while Donald served as host last week at The Grove outside London. After his round, Bland said: “I thought with six holes to play, I thought it was there”. “We are very concerned for unaccompanied children who aren’t entitled to come here”.Up to 300 children are expected to arrive this week after a team of British officials were sent to Calais to help French authorities speed up the transfer of minors ahead of the dismantling of the Jungle.They arrived on the second coach to carry unaccompanied refugee children from Calais to Britain in two days.”There is no way of knowing if someone is a child”.The MP for Monmouth, in South Wales, said that anyone looking to come to the United Kingdom as a refugee child should be made to take a dental test to better establish their true age. Hurricane Matthew to throttle Carolinas and Georgia
The tropical storm has caused a water surge along the southeastern coast, leaving more than one million people without power . Weather officials say the storm has missed a direct hit on Florida, remaining off the coast of the upper portion of the state.

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