Bad Cable Delays Comeback Rocket Launch From Virginia


Orbital ATK on Monday launched its Antares rocket en route to the International Space Station for the first time since a massive explosion after liftoff two years ago.People in the CT region may be able to get a glimpse of NASA’s rocket launch Monday night. This launch has been postponed a couple of times due to Hurricanes Matthew and Nicole. Juventus’ Gianluigi Buffon makes incredible save against Lyon
Lyon substitute Rachid Ghezzal’s angled drive from 20 metres rolled just wide in injury time. Television images showed Lyon goalkeeper Anthony Lopes applauding the save. The spacecraft will carry food, supplies, provisions and emergency equipment for the ISS crew, as well as the Spacecraft Fire Experiment-II or Saffire-II that will study the behavior of combustion in microgravity.The Orbital ATK Antares rocket exploded moments after launch on October 28, 2014. If the Antares had launched on Sunday October 16th, as it was supposed to, the Cygnus would have been hooked up to the ISS on the 19th.Skies were trending toward clear above the Lehigh Valley and to the south toward the launch site, said Sarah Johnson, meteorologist with the National Weather Service at Mount Holly, New Jersey. The mission-Orbital’s sixth to send supplies to the International Space Station-was the first to use of Orbital’s next-generation Antares 230 rockets powered by RD-181 engines manufactured by Russia’s NPO Energomash. Pence says GOP ticket will ‘absolutely’ accept vote outcome
Alaska has only voted for one Democratic presidential candidate since becoming a state in 1959. Clinton had a large lead in the race, as opposed to her modest four-point advantage. But on Monday evening, after months of delays, Orbital ATK and NASA officials said they were thrilled with a triumphant return.”We’re very confident, otherwise we wouldn’t be out on the launch pad”.The Antares rocket carrying the S.S. Alan Poindexter Cygnus spacecraft rolled to the pad on Wednesday and is set for launch this coming Sunday, October 16th at 8:03 p.m. EDT. In the meantime, it continued delivering cargo to the ISS under a $1.9 billion contract the company had signed with NASA, using other companies’s rockets. Antares is the most powerful rocket operated by the company Orbital ATK. Church of England could drop legal requirement for weekly Sunday services
The bishop’s update on his task group has been approved by the Archbishops’ Council and is due to go in front of the General Synod. NASA Administrator Charles Bolden described the launch as “magnificent” and personally thanked the Orbital ATK team. Today only Russian Federation can launch humans to space aboard its Soyuz rocket. Nasa said it squeezed some extra food, clothing, laptops and spacesuit parts into the capsule as its second cargo vehicle, SpaceX’s Dragon, is now grounded following last month’s explosion of the Falcon 9 rocket.

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