Torngat Mountains contain Canadas ultimate cultural adventure


TORNGAT MOUNTAINS, N.L.-No images of rolling green hillsides, sheer cliffs, magnificent fjords or massive icebergs were taken on this day. Instead, my ears did all the work. After four days of maritime adventures on Labrador’s scenic but stark and rugged coast, alongside ancient rocks more than 3.8 billion years old, it was time to listen. The Torngats had stories to tell. The immense tree-barren beauty and remoteness of the Torngat Mountains National Park and its offerings are both an adventurer’s dream and pure form of cultural tourism. Related story:5 things to do in the Torngat MountainsInuit gifted the park to Canada after a successful land claim in 2005. Since becoming the country’s 42nd national park, it’s become a major draw, where visitors can spend time with elders who call the unspoiled landscape home.Article Continued BelowThrough song, storytelling and firsthand experience, visitors learn about Inuit culture, history and the environment. “Spending time with Inuit elders reinforces the connection of people to the land and place,” says Martin Lougheed, Parks Canada’s visitor experience manager. Nestled into St. John’s Harbour in Saglek Bay is the base camp, gateway to the photogenic Torngats. Hosted by all-Inuit Parks Canada staff, it’s also home to a mix of visitors, including elders, youth, researchers, base-camp staff, performers and guests.

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