Holiday gift-wrapping with a twist from the recycling bin


When it comes to wrapping holiday gifts, you don’t need to look any further than your recycling bin for inspiration. Boxes, newspapers and bubble wrap destined for the curb can be repurposed as gift wrap. Tiffany Pratt, a designer on HGTV’s Home To Win and author of the book This Can Be Beautiful, shows us how to put the fun back into gift-wrapping with her no rules approach. “Do something magical,” says Pratt “I take just as much pride wrapping a gift as I do buying just the right thing.” Pratt is known for her love of colour (pink everything!) and contagious creative energy. She meets us at her favourite Toronto bakery, Tori’s Bakeshop on Queen St. E. Fueled with a pink doughnut and a chai tea, Pratt shows us how to wrap gifts in recycled newspaper splashed with colourful paint, make massive bubble wrap bows and top it all off with pretty spray-painted ornaments and pom poms made of multicoloured yarn and fabric scraps. When you add ornaments or other decorative or handmade elements to a gift, it’s like you are giving an additional present.Article Continued Below“This is what my Christmas looks like, it’s a little bit different than other people,” says Pratt. “Once I gave gifts adorned with big Styrofoam hearts covered in candy coated fennel seeds (found in sweet shops in Toronto’s Little India neighbourhood) … they loved them and kept them to use as ornaments to hang on their trees!”Her three tips for making gift-wrapping easy and fun:1. Keep things that you need seasonally at your disposal. Don’t tuck it away.

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