Small books and Christmas reads perfect as stocking stuffers


Five Christmas and holiday-themed books, perfect for reading in the light from the warm seasonal glow.Christmas Days: 12 Stories and 12 Feasts for 12 Days, by Jeanette WintersonMaybe you’re surprised to see a Christmas collection by Winterson, who usually focuses on novels about gender politics and sexual identity, but don’t be: she has been writing an Xmas story every year for some years, and now she’s pulled them together as a collection. She provides a useful historical explainer about “Christmas-tide” and also includes a recipe (My Mulled Wine, My Twelfth Night Fishcakes) to accompany each story.Winter Storms, Elin HilderbrandElin Hilderbrand is best known for her beach reads (17 novels since 2000) but for the past two years has also had a lock on the other end of the calendar, with Winter Street and Winter Stroll, featuring the affably dysfunctional Quinn family, who gather annually at their Winter Street Inn in Nantucket. Winter Storms, the final title in the trilogy, ties the various plot lines together in a festive bow.Article Continued BelowA Ghost Story for Christmas, from BiblioasisLast December, Biblioasis brought out ghost stories from Charles Dickens and A.M. Burrage, small-scale volumes “designed & decorated” by graphic novelist Seth. This year, the Canadian publisher continues the 19th century tradition of scary stories at Yuletide with Afterward (1910), by Edith Wharton; The Diary of Mr. Poynter (1919), by M.R. James; and The Crown Derby Plate (1931), by Marjorie Bowen. Dying For Christmas, Tammy Cohen

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