Amanda Nunes knew Ronda Rousey couldn’t take her punches, confident Rousey retires


In a career defined by first-round destruction, Rousey had stopped opponents inside a minute an astounding eight times.Ronda Rousey is a woman on a mission going into UFC 207 on Friday as her sole aim is to regain the title she lost in her last fight in November a year ago. “This moment is my moment”, Nunes screamed in her postfight, in-cage interview.Back in September 2015, around five months after her first loss, Rousey once admitted to Ellen Degeneres that she was feeling so dejected by her loss to Holm that she contemplated suicide. Witness Sydney bring in New Year celebrations live
I just tried it – I posted “Happy New Year” and then quickly deleted it because it’s not quite time yet – and I saw the fireworks. More than 1 million people will witness the New Year 2017 fireworks and celebrations over Sydney Harbor. The MMA fighter first won the crown this past July by defeating Miesha Tate. Rousey (12-2) was rocked with a barrel of punches from Amanada Nunes (14-4). “I felt so bad for her”. As of now, there’s no word on who will fight Nunes next.Thirteen months removed from the knockout loss to Holly Holm that cost Ronda Rousey her UFC women’s bantamweight belt, the now-stoic Rousey could be headed for retirement after another loss Friday at UFC 207. Instead, the Brazilian “Lioness” picked her spots and tore into Rousey’s head with lefts and rights. Nunes was booed heavily during her walk.Nunes landed a series of devastating blows on the 29-year-old, overpowering her and leaving the referee with little choice but to step-in and end the fight after 48 sec0nds. Not only did she lose her match against Amanda Nunes, 28 in the UFC 207 on December 30, but she’s been getting slammed on social media! “I know she’s going to strike with me because he boxing coach told her that she’s good at striking”, she added. Rousey tried to grab Nunes, but the latter stepped back to maintain her range.T.J Dillashaw locked horns with John Lineker at bantamweight, with all three judges giving the bout to the former fighter, 30-26. While Rousey looked devastated following her defeat, fans and pundits were unable to gauge the extent of her disappointment because she refused to speak to the media in the fight’s aftermath. Another huge punch buckled Rousey’s left knee and Dean intervened. Russian Hacking Operation Code Detected Within US Electrical Grid
Our team is working with federal officials to trace this malware and prevent any other attempts to infiltrate utility systems. But it says “the code entered the Vermont utility’s computers”, while the utility spokesman said it was on one laptop. Rousey’s mother, Dr. AnnMaria De Mars, has commented on the loss in a post on her personal blog. Never before had Nunes ever been in a bigger spotlight and she likely never will again.Rousey “thinks she’s a boxer”.While Holm’s win was dominant, it was far more strategic and cerebral. No matter which woman wins, Nunes will have a stiff challenge. “Ronda Rousey built this”.”This is MMA”, Nunes said. She’s very rich, she doesn’t need to fight any more, but she’s super competitive, maybe she wants to. Moussa Dembele Rockets Home Equaliser In The Old Firm Derby
We can’t afford to be making stupid mistakes at the back because Celtic will punish you. He added: “We’re a few points clear but we’ve just got to enjoy the occasion”. Nunes also took extra shots at Rousey on social media after the bout. “But right now, I showed I’m the champion and I’m here to stay”.

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