Intel’s Compute Card is a PC that can fit in your wallet


Intel is no stranger to tiny form factor computers, releasing multiple versions of its Compute Stick over the past few years.The Compute Card could change the way the enterprise approaches IoT, making for easier upgrades and maintenance of connected devices. Whereas the Compute Stick was at least partially marketed to consumers looking to stick a full-fledged PC in the HDMI port of their HDTV for living room computing tasks, the Compute Card is created to be added to connected devices as a module that’s easy to swap out when you want to upgrade its “smart” capabilities.It measures about about 3.7 inches (9.4cm) by 2.2 inches (5.6cm) and just 0.2 inches (5mm) thick. Could Manny Pacquiao fight Jeff Horn next?
But the 28-year-old former schoolteacher, who holds a 9cm height advantage over Pacquiao, reckons the time to strike is now. Unless Arum wants to have the fight take place at a huge loss, I don’t see how he could accommodate the two fighters. It’s so small, it can’t accommodate USB-C or other ports to power up or connect to displays. This could really be a boon for smart devices.It will not be sold directly to consumers and is only available for partners.The Intel Compute Card has all the elements of a full computer, including Intel SoC, memory, storage and wireless connectivity with flexible I/O options so hardware manufacturers can optimize for their particular solutions – from interactive refrigerators and smart kiosks to security cameras and IoT gateways.The company is not positioning the card as a stand alone computer as yet, although they say that will come. China Focus: Chinese yuan starts new year journey with big jump
The Kiwi traded at 70.14 United States cents at 5pm from 70.24 cents at 8am, up from 69.89 cents on Thursday. But offshore, it can move more freely, which accounts for the different exchange rates, Reuters said. Given just how powerful mobile hardware is becoming, and the ongoing problem of smart devices becoming obsolete, it makes sense for Intel to pursue the Compute Card.The company believes the Compute is the computer of the future, because it can be slotted into drones, robots, digital signs and other products. Businesses will be able to add a whole PC into products that otherwise have minimal computing power.Intel is working with companies like Dell, HP, Lenovo and Sharp to build specialized slots into devices. Intel looks to make this the new norm moving forward, and for this goal it has already started to work with tech companies and regional partners on integrating the Compute Card into their smart gadgets.It won’t be sold directly to consumers and is only available for partners, an Intel spokesman said. Gov. Cooper declares state of emergency for entire state
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