IBM Breaks Records With More Than 8000 Patents Received in 2016


IBM, who invests more than $5 billion annually into R&D, generated almost 3,000 patents tied to the rapidly emerging fields of artificial intelligence, cognitive computing and cloud computing-as many patents as Google received in total for 2016. IBM inventors patented more than 1,600 inventions related to cloud computing, including one that pro-actively identifies hotspots in a cloud computing environment to help IT admins figure out where a resource constraint is likely to occur and cause performance problems.For a remarkable 24 years, IBM has led America in most patents awarded each year. IBM inventors based in NY were granted over 2,700 patents, while inventors residing in California and Texas received over 1,000 patents each. IBM has claimed the most patents each year for 24 straight years, and 2016 was a particularly busy one with advances being made to machine learning and AI. The patents ranged from machine learning for securing the best answers to questions, to planning the best route based on a traveler’s cognitive state. Amongst the granted patents is a design for a hearing aid to meet specific needs. The drones are able to enter a contaminated area, collect specimens, then confirm, map and sterilize the contamination to provide humans with new insights into bacterial infections or polluted areas. 2,000 Patents in AI/Cognitive ComputingIBM’s record-setting tally includes 2,000-plus patents in artificial intelligence/cognitive computing and cloud computing. Maria Sharapova sets date for return to WTA Tour after suspension
Though she’s now unranked, as a former Grand Slam champion Sharapova is permitted ulimited wild cards under WTA rules. Due to her suspension, Sharapova now has no official world ranking and will enter the competition as a wildcard. KitGuru Says: IBM has been on a patent filing streak for well over 20 years at this point, so perhaps seeing it top everyone else again isn’t too surprising. Company inventors developed an approach that allows IT professionals to pre-emptively detect and isolate cloud application network intrusions.Researchers at IBM also invented a system that can manage incoming communications, such as e-mails and text messages, to prevent phishing attacks and the spread of malicious content. Vladimir Tarasenko Selected for 2017 NHL All-Star Game
Those 43 points are good enough to rank him fourth in the league (sixth in the league at 1.08 points per game). Tarasenko’s 20 goals in 40 games is on pace to match, or better his 40-goal season past year . “Although it was a bit of a down year for Japan, Asia as a whole continues to make impressive gains with USA patents”, said Mike Baycroft, CEO of IFI CLAIMS. Ford Bronco Comeback Announced Along With Mid-Size Ranger Pickup
Both models have been anticipated for some time; the Bronco picture we used is a concept produced for the 2004 Detroit Auto Show. There’s one (unlikely) ray of hope for offroaders: the T4 Troller , a truck produced by a subsidiary of Ford in Brazil.

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